Rock music from Tel Aviv
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Intimate vocals powered by a whole lotta love and rock'n'roll.

Vocals & Keys: AGAT
Keys: Gal Oved
Bass: Nir Horowitz
Drums: Tamuz Dolev

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Agat is a musical artist based In Tel-Aviv. Debut Album "New Under The Sun" will be released in the Spring of 2020, Following the release of Agat's three released singles.

With a mysterious blend of computerized analog and resounding bass, Agat had just released her third single and music video "Turn The wheel" that incorporates Electronic motifs and seductive vocals bound to enrapture listeners.

An exuberant and mystical voyage into the Trip-Hop genre, Agat provides her audience with much-needed divergence from the current state of music, with writing that offers an inspiring and universal message for her legion of followers.

She's A Woman

listen here> "Songs nowadays are often created out of the wrong impulse. It's not about the art, the individual art of whats pleasing it's about the art of pleasing". She’s A Woman clearly points out this thought in the new music video of the song „The Art Of Pleasing", where She's A Woman takes on a double roll to hold a mirror up to the standards of the music industry. Furthermore it is a symbol for She's A Woman herself, working autonomously - like a woman. Her commitment takes place way beyond studio and stage. She shoots, edits, promotes. And that's not even it:

She's A Woman established her reputation as a Club-Owner. She created a live platform for No-Name-Artists in her home town in the countryside. It's the music that drives her.

She's constantly working on new songs and the live performance in collaboration with her creative partner, drummer Hubert von Schick. The duo concentrates the energy on stage and that's where these songs belong, that's where women like "She's A Woman" belong.

Her performance meets the spirit of the time, the spirit of women who conquer the stage. Weniger anzeigen